Weekend Adventures: Wine, Jazz, and the Matterhorn

Once again my weekend was filled with adventures! On Saturday I joined a bunch of other summer students on an excursion to Montreux, with a few detours to visit interesting sites along the way. Our first stop was Laveux, a region known for its vineyards. There we enjoyed a wine tasting with an absolutely breathtaking view from the terrace. I can think of few times in my life when I’ve felt so thoroughly content.








From there we continued on to Vevey and enjoyed a picnic by the lake. The sites included this bizarre giant fork sculpture, which was apparently created for a food festival a few years ago.


After another train ride, we reached our final destination: Montreux. We first visited the midieval Chillon Castle and also spent some time relaxing on the beach. Then we returned to the city center to finish the day at the annual Montreux Jazz Festival.




On Sunday I was up bright and early to catch the 7am train to Zermatt, along with three of my friends. I was the one to organize this trip so I was a little nervous that something would go wrong, but we completed the three-hour journey without any major issues. From Zermatt we took the funicular rail and then the cable car up to the Blauhert station, and spent a few hours walking the gorgeous Five Lakes Hike. The views of the Matterhorn were absolutely spectacular, and we also enjoyed a refreshing dip in one of the mountain lakes.







After the hike, two of us split off to hike back down to Zermatt, while the other two rode the funicular back down. In contrast to the somewhat touristy Five Lakes Hike, the trail to Zermatt was nearly deserted, which was a nice change of pace. We spent about two hours hiking down and then caught our train home. We got a bit confused by a platform change at our connection and ended up getting on the wrong train, but eventually we figured out a new route and made it home safely, ready for the new work week ahead.


One Reply to “Weekend Adventures: Wine, Jazz, and the Matterhorn”

  1. Once again your pictures just leave me breathless. The patio with the pink tables and view of the mountains is so beautiful; and all of the pictures of your trip are fantastic. The Matterhorn looks so formidable as though you could cut yourself on it! I am glad that you are meeting such interesting people, and having such a wonderful time. What a trip! Grandma


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