Switzerland Summer Internship: Week 7

During my second-to-last week in Switzerland, I once again was in the lab 12+ hours a day working on my project. The results are starting to get exciting and I wish I had more time to explore them in greater detail. I’m hoping I can at least finish this phase of my project before I have to leave. So far, so good. I’m starting to get better at injecting the mice without stressing them out too much, and we think we’ve finally narrowed down the correct dosage of our drug to induce seizures without killing the mice. Fingers crossed.

We didn’t embark on any major adventures this weekend, but I still had a lot of fun hanging out with everyone. On Saturday we went down to Lake Geneva and rented some four-person paddleboats. Then we peddaled out into the middle of the lake and had lots of fun swimming in the crystal-clear water. I normally don’t swim in water where I can’t touch the bottom, but it’s much easier swimming in a lake than in the ocean since there are no tides or waves, so I had no trouble staying afloat.



On Sunday, we all went to the Lausanne Botanical Gardens and had a picnic. Afterward, we returned to our dorm and had an international food night where everyone made a dish from their native country. I made spoon bread, which is kind of like corn bread by more runny and with pieces of corn in it. The other Americans in the group made s’mores, jello shots, and cheesecake. I completely stuffed myself with all the delicious foods from all over the world. Afterward, everyone took turns trying to teach the group a dance from their country. We were all pretty terrible dancers but had lots of fun anyway. We couldn’t really come up with an American group dance besides square dancing, which none of us knew how to do. We finally settled on the Cha Cha Slide.

My contribution was spoon bread, which is basically a more crumbly version of corn bread with actually kernels of corn in it.
Look at all the delicious food! Items included Canadian pancakes with maple syrup, Spanish sangria, Italian eggplant bake, Korean omelette, Serbian ustipici, and Turkish delights, plus many more. I loved everything that I tried!


The upcoming week is my last week in Switzerland. I hope I can cram as much work and as much fun into the next seven days as possible.


One Reply to “Switzerland Summer Internship: Week 7”

  1. Hi Maya~ I hope that your supervisors appreciate your long hours working on your project. I am sure that they must. I know that you are working hard to finish the part of the experiment that you are working on. You must really need the break with your friends after such a week of hard work. What you do is important and you deserve and need to relax at the weekend. The buffet of foods from every country looked delicious. What an amazing group: all intelligent, good cooks, and good looking! I hope that you have obtained all your friends’ addresses, so that you can keep in touch over the years ahead.
    Here at home, we all anticipate your return. I miss you very much.



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